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Since the beginning of the 20th century a band existed in Tát, however it was disbanded in 1960. At that time the five members of the band decided to place the old and valuable music sheets in chests and hide them. They agreed to reopen them only if there will be a new skilled band in town. After 25 years the locked chests – hidden in the loft of Ferenc Hauber, one of ’the five’ – were reopened.

The Tát German Ethnicity Wind Band was founded on October 1st, 1985. The old music sheets were reworked by conductor Vilmos Bulhardt to for the new 27-member-band. The musicians (primarily German ethnicity) of Tát and the neighborhood consider aim to maintain the music culture of the German ethnicity, play songs of contemporary German musicians and entertain the audience with high quality performances. On the first qualification (solo concert) on December 15th, 1985 the band was awarded a ”Gold Certificate”.

After Vilmos Bulhardt died on 8th January 1988, János Fódi conducted the band. By the qualification concert on 8th March 1989, the jury – which was leaded by Árpád Balázs composer –  awarded our band in ethnic bands category with a „Highlighted Gold Diploma” certification, first time ever in Hungary. 1991 our band was rewarded the second place by the 8th German Ethnic Brass Band Festival in Pilisvörösvár. The band gained a special price from the Society of Germans in Hungary, too.

The members of the band founded the Tát German Ethnicity Wind Band Association on September 27th, 1995. Since then for more than 20 years our conductor was István Zagyi.

The band performed on many domestic and international festivals. A few of the most important events are: Opening parties of the County Ethnicity Week, Swabian-balls in Budapest, brass band meetings, festivals, concerts. The band plays important role in musical-cultural life of the city Tát. We are regular participants of local feast, parties. By our traditional New Year Concert the Tát Culture House seems too small every time.

The band has wide and old friendship in Germany. Since 1986 we have been in Schrattenbach, Bavaria seven times. Musikverein Schrattenbach visited Tát eight times, most recently in 2023, at Pentecost.

With the professional leadership of István Zagyi the band received in the year 2000 a „Highlighted Gold Diploma” certification in ethnic bands category again. During his leadership we had great success abroad too. We made a tour to Finland in 1997 for the invitation of Espoo’s mayor. Our band rewarded the third place on Grand Prix festival in St. Leonhard, South-Tirol 2004. For invitation of Sliema Philharmonic Society we had a tour to the beautiful Malta with the majorette group in 2006. Than in 2010 we travelled with the majorette group to Magione, Italy. 

The brass band was invited to Bad Schlema first in 2006 to the European Brass and Wind Band Festival. A band is invited form each of the 12 participating countries. Last time we represented Hungary in 2022 (for the fifth time) on the stage in front of 4000 people. Our band made more tours to twin towns of Tát too (Buseck, Ebed, Kaplony, Molln).

In 2016 we had a trip to Transylvania, and we made a great concert in Farkaslaka (near Székelyudvarhely)

Our brass band perfomed in 2018 at the 2nd Adriatic Dance and Music Festival in Croatia. On July 13th we played on the main beach of Krk island, the next day in Novi Vinodolski at Kvarner-bay in a popular tourist area with great success.

Beside welcoming our companion bands we performed together with bands from 15 European countries, USA, Canada and Australia organized by the Musik-Land Travel Agency, Tát.

Our brass band is contributing to make cultural and human contacts stronger and to build a „bridge” between nations with tours abroad and welcoming foreign bands.

The Tát German Ethnicity Wind Band was admitted to the Komárom-Esztergom County’s Values on June 30th, 2016.

Tát German Ethnicity Wind Band received Komárom-Esztergom County’s Prime Award of 2017 in musical art category.

Today the band leader is Tibor Szladik, music teacher. He took over the conductor’s baton from István Zagyi on 10th January 2016 at our traditional New Year’s Day concert.

Feel free to see our photos and videos.

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